How to stay focused
Tips for Successful Students
Posted on 04/27/2018
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Get Plenty of Rest

Ideally, get 9 or more hours of sleep. Set a goal bedtime and try to close your books when that time rolls around. 

get plenty of rest

Fuel Yourself With Healthy Foods

When you’re overwhelmed with homework and studying, it can be hard to remember to take a break for a healthy meal. Eating well helps to regulate stress and power you through long days of studying, so it’s important that you don’t forget to eat healthy meals!

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Get plenty of Exercise & Sunshine! 

The tried-and-true method of working out to relieve stress comes in handy during midterm season just as it does during the rest of the semester, so be sure to set some time aside for this necessary aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

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Unplug from Devices

By “unplugging” from the world for a few hours, you’ll retain more of the material that you are studying and you’ll keep your sanity. You’ll also be practicing your self-control skills by learning how to limit your time with technology and social media.

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Study a Little Bit Every Day

Many professors will tell you to review your notes from class daily in order to better prepare yourself for exams and to master the material efficiently, and they are absolutely correct! This method of studying also reduces your stress because you won’t be attempting to learn half a semester’s worth of material in one night.

If you haven’t been studying much throughout the semester, you can still plan a week or a few days in advance by spreading out topics over the course of a few days to review. Map out when you are going to go over what material at the start of the week so you have a clear game plan. Knowing what you are going to tackle is much less stressful than frantically switching from subject to subject with no end in sight.

study a little every day